Our Story

Meet Greg.

Greg's job is pretty simple. He works hard to save people as much time and stress through home cleanings as possible. He also ensures customers get the best possible service. All, with a money-back guarantee, included.  

But why a cleaning service?

Because everyone wants more time. And Greg believes everyday people deserve a thoughtfully-designed service that gives them their time back.

Greg started Fit for a Queen Cleaning with his buddy Nic in 2022 in the heart of Charlotte because he was frustrated; frustrated from the terrible cleaning service he was receiving from companies that ended up causing more headaches. Cleaners arrived late. They didn't clean everything he wanted them to. And some were flat-out rude. Greg was so frustrated, he had to sacrifice his time to clean his house.

So he took things into his own hands and designed a service to change that. He made sure that all cleaners were trained to perfection and that customers received the best possible service.

Since then, a few things have changed.

Greg developed a website that focused on awesome customer interactions. He included transparent pricing, so you know how much everything actually costs. He also focused on keeping the website as simple as possible. That was the easy part though. Greg made sure that 0 complaints were made.

It's not rocket science (and we try to keep it that way). We recognize that your time is the most important thing you have. From the start we work hard to create a process that saves you the most time and gives you the least headaches. Leave the cleaning to us and enjoy your newfound time.